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February 9, Tuesday Devotion

February 9, Tuesday Devotion
Isaiah 30:8-14

8 Now go and write down these words. Write them in a book. They will stand until the end of time as a witness 9 that these people are stubborn rebels who refuse to pay attention to the Lord’s instructions. 10 They tell the seers, “Stop seeing visions!” They tell the prophets, “Don’t tell us what is right. Tell us nice things. Tell us lies. 11 Forget all this gloom. Get off your narrow path. Stop telling us about your ‘Holy One of Israel.’”
12 This is the reply of the Holy One of Israel: “Because you despise what I tell you and trust instead in oppression and lies, 13 calamity will come upon you suddenly—like a bulging wall that bursts and falls. In an instant it will collapse and come crashing down. 14 You will be smashed like a piece of pottery—shattered so completely that there won’t be a piece big enough to carry coals from a fireplace or a little water from the well.”
Quick Notes/Questions
How often do we want to hear the truth? It is interesting to me how much time and energy we spend trying to not offend others but in doing so, the truth never comes out. How often do you want to hear the truth? Knowing that it might be painful, does that make a difference? Why or why not?
Quick Prayer
Lord, sometimes I do not want to hear the truth because I am afraid it will cripple me. But your scriptures say that the truth will set me free. Help me to love truth. Amen.

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