Monday, February 15, 2010

Bringing Justice to Our World

Hello all,

The scripture passage for today's devotion really got to me. Justice is very important. We are to be people of justice == those who help make things right. One of the things I struggle with is the balance of what I have and what others do not. A guy I went to college with works with INTRSCT, which teams up underprivileged children in Chicago with young adults, like my friend, who want to serve.

I feel that Devotions With Mike are mostly a good thing, but I often wonder how much of a positive impact it has. Here is an opportunity to move forward and make a positive impact for someone else.

Charles' goal is to raise $800 for INTRSCT. At the time of this email, $75 has been raised. I would like to offer the opportunity for everyone to help him reach his goal of a suggested donation of $10 or $25, though any donation would be helpful. is the link and all major credit cards are accepted. If you are under 18, please ask for your parent or guardian's permission.

Whether it is with INTRSCT or some other compassionate ministry, find a way to help make the world right. That is justice. That is what we as Christians are called to be.

Grace & Peace,


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