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April 6, Tuesday Devotion

April 6, Tuesday Devotion
Isaiah 49:1-7

1 Listen to me, all you in distant lands! Pay attention, you who are far away! The Lord called me before my birth; from within the womb he called me by name. 2 He made my words of judgment as sharp as a sword. He has hidden me in the shadow of his hand. I am like a sharp arrow in his quiver. 3 He said to me, “You are my servant, Israel, and you will bring me glory.” 4 I replied, “But my work seems so useless! I have spent my strength for nothing and to no purpose. Yet I leave it all in the Lord’s hand; I will trust God for my reward.” 5 And now the Lord speaks—the one who formed me in my mother’s womb to be his servant, who commissioned me to bring Israel back to him. The Lord has honored me, and my God has given me strength. 6 He says, “You will do more than restore the people of Israel to me. I will make you a light to the Gentiles, and you will bring my salvation to the ends of the earth.” 7 The Lord, the Redeemer and Holy One of Israel, says to the one who is despised and rejected by the nations, to the one who is the servant of rulers: “Kings will stand at attention when you pass by. Princes will also bow low because of the Lord, the faithful one, the Holy One of Israel, who has chosen you.” 
Quick Notes/Questions
This might be one of the harder devotions to swallow.  We all go through patches in life where we wonder if we are amounting to anything.  Those who serve the risen Savior, like us, may wonder more than others.  It is hard to continue following when we do not see immediate results.  Most of us under 40 never learned the save now, spend later habits of our elders.  We have been raised in an instant gratification world.  Maybe that is why hearing about things to come in the future seem so far out for us.  We are trying to set our mark today and maybe a few years down the road, but things like social security, heaven, and whatever else mean little.  This is where our faith comes in.  We trust that God is working to make a better future that might not be actualized immediately.  Do you trust God with today?  Do you trust God with time that has yet to be?
Quick Prayer
God, I sometimes struggle in serving you because I don't see things happening.  Help me to be patient and learn to see where you are indeed working.  Amen.

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