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March 31, Wednesday Devotion

March 31, Wednesday Devotion
Isaiah 47:1-7

1 “Come down, virgin daughter of Babylon, and sit in the dust. For your days of sitting on a throne have ended. O daughter of Babylonia, never again will you be the lovely princess, tender and delicate. 2 Take heavy millstones and grind flour. Remove your veil, and strip off your robe. Expose yourself to public view. 3 You will be naked and burdened with shame. I will take vengeance against you without pity.” 4 Our Redeemer, whose name is the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, is the Holy One of Israel. 5 “O beautiful Babylon, sit now in darkness and silence. Never again will you be known as the queen of kingdoms. 6 For I was angry with my chosen people and punished them by letting them fall into your hands. But you, Babylon, showed them no mercy. You oppressed even the elderly. 7 You said, ‘I will reign forever as queen of the world!’ You did not reflect on your actions or think about their consequences.
Quick Notes/Questions
What are the "sins" of Babylon in this passage? It was that the government and the people did not show mercy. Mercy is showing grace to people even when they do not necessarily deserve it. It is overcoming our rights to do right. Who have you not shown mercy on lately?
Quick Prayer
Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner. Amen.

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