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September 21, Tuesday Devotion

September 21, Tuesday Devotion
Joshua 16:1-10
1 The allotment for the descendants of Joseph extended from the Jordan River near Jericho, east of the springs of Jericho, through the wilderness and into the hill country of Bethel. 2 From Bethel (that is, Luz) it ran over to Ataroth in the territory of the Arkites. 3 Then it descended westward to the territory of the Japhletites as far as Lower Beth-horon, then to Gezer and over to the Mediterranean Sea.

4 This was the homeland allocated to the families of Joseph’s sons, Manasseh and Ephraim. 5 The following territory was given to the clans of the tribe of Ephraim.

The boundary of their homeland began at Ataroth-addar in the east. From there it ran to Upper Beth-horon, 6 then on to the Mediterranean Sea. From Micmethath on the north, the boundary curved eastward past Taanath-shiloh to the east of Janoah. 7 From Janoah it turned southward to Ataroth and Naarah, touched Jericho, and ended at the Jordan River. 8 From Tappuah the boundary extended westward, following the Kanah Ravine to the Mediterranean Sea. This is the homeland allocated to the clans of the tribe of Ephraim.
9 In addition, some towns with their surrounding villages in the territory allocated to the half-tribe of Manasseh were set aside for the tribe of Ephraim. 10 They did not drive the Canaanites out of Gezer, however, so the people of Gezer live as slaves among the people of Ephraim to this day.
Quick Notes/Questions
This is the second straight chapter that ends with a troubling statement.  Chapter 15 ended with the concession that the Jebusites were never cleared out and today we find out that the Gezer people weren't either.  Additionally, the people of Gezer lived as slaves to some of the Israelites.  It is a bit messed up when we were told that they cleared the lands, but not really and they have even taken some people as slaves despite their horrible experience as slaves.  Is there anything you believed back in the day that is not true in your life today?  Did your belief change or your commitment to that belief?
Quick Prayer
Jesus, we ask for you to cover us with your grace.  Amen.

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