Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 24, Thursday Devotion

June 24, Thursday Devotion    Wanted to take a break and be vulnerable with you all for a bit.  Sometimes I really struggle with writing devotions.  Sometimes I feel they are worthless while other times I think they only apply to me.  The reality is that if you do not have others with whom to share your life; those that get to know you and you them, doing devotions is mostly pointless.  The last three chapters of Matthew are very challenging (though I would argue the whole book is as well) and in many ways it should take you to a place of loneliness.  I pray that you who are reading this might have friends who love you and help you in your loneliness as you do likewise.  I really do not know how people perceive me.  I have some guesses, but I don't know.  Some people take me as mean, strict, goofy, rude, funny (I hope), crazy, loud, silent, thoughtful, passionate, and others.  The place where I feel lonely more times than not is that I have a way of blowing through the smoke with people which makes people act awkwardly because it is uncommon.  I'm not so good with the pleasantries, partly because I feel like it is ego-padding rather than legit.  
    Devotions are an opportunity to identify with the weakness of the people in the Bible while looking with hope in the strength of God to carry us on.  It is supposed to be all about Jesus, but more times than not in my life it is about me.  I ask that you pray with me that God will do remarkably more than we could ever ask or imagine as we learn to trust him in all things.
Quick Prayer
Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner.  Amen.

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